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Police Updates On Goo Hara’s Handwritten Note And CCTV Footage

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The Seoul Police Department revealed that they had found a handwritten note at Goo Hara’s house after her passing. The note’s was about some negative thoughts of herself.

Police officials commented,“The note was very short and was found on the living room table.”

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They continued, “The housekeeper found Goo Hara passed away at her house on November 24 around 6 PM. After on-site investigation and testimonies from family and friends, it seems that there are no criminal charges currently.”

The housekeeper is known to have a close relationship with Goo Hara. She tried to contact her but couldn’t reach her. Thus, she rushed to check her out in her house.

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In regards to the CCTV footage, they stated,“After taking a look at the CCTV footage, it shows that Goo Hara returned home on November 24 at 12:35 AM. No one else has visited the house since then.”

They are currently talking with the family members as to whether or not they will be conducting an autopsy.

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Goo Hara had spoken out against cyber bullying. In June, a month after she attempted to suicide and was found unconscious at her home and hospitalised, she said it was difficult to overcome depression and pleaded for positive comment on social media.

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“It is so sad that she had to suffer from vicious, inhumane comments at such a young age just because she was a celebrity,” 20-year-old student Kim Nam-gun told Reuters, one of about two dozen fans who gathered at the funeral home.

Her death brought together an online petition to the Presidential office which requested stronger punishments over cyberbullying and other cyber crimes. In less than a day, there were 20,000 signatures.

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People, let’s create a world with more love, and a world without bullying!

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