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Young Parents Shot Their 1yo Toddler With BB Gun

The poor 1yo boy was rushed to hospital after his mum called the police when she found out he was motionless and had no heartbeat. He was suffered severe injuries on his face and body and also been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Credit : Oriental Daily

Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead an hour later due to pneumonia-related complications. But ,what the police concerned was the unusual bullet mark and bruises all over his face and body.

According to Oriental Daily, The 24yo couple live in Fukouka with their 3yo ,1yo & 3mo children. The couple were arrested for investigation on the death of their 2nd child. And, the police seized several rifle-type air guns and BB gun from their home.

Credit : Oriental Daily

They denied the allegations of abuse and claimed their 3yo played with the air gun. But, the equipment was found to be too complicated for a 3yo.

Not long ago, Child Welfare Department was informed their 3yo with swollen and bruised face most likely due to severe impact. While staff was sent to visit the family, the mum merely said that the 3yo hit the wall while he was playing.

credit : wikipedia

They couldn’t find any evidence on child abuse, Thus, they have no way but to let them carry on as they were. The police have informed the welfare department on the case and requested the another 2 children to be handed over to authorities for protection.

Credit : Child abuse

If you suspect a child abuse or neglect, please do not hesitate to report the case to child welfare department. Staying silent can be devastating for the child. Let’s protect the children and SAY NO TO CHILD ABUSE!

Source: Orientaldaily