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20yo Man Accidentally Drank Detergent While Glued to His Phone On Game

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A 20yo man in India accidentally drank detergent while he was too focused in playing PUBG on his smartphone, recently.

Credit : The Jakarta Post

The incident happened while the gamer, Saurabh Yadav, was travelling with his jeweller friend on an express train from Madhya Pradesh to Agra, according to Oriental Daily.

It was a long journey, to kill time Saurabh began playing PUBG on his smartphone and while he was deep into his gaming session, he began to feel thirsty. Without taking his eyes off the screen, he reached into his friend’s bag and looked for something to drink.

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Finding what he assumed to be a bottle of flavoured water, Saurabh promptly downed an unknown amount of the drink, without even looking at the bottle.

Soon after that he felt his internal organs were “burning”. Saurabh and his friend then noticed he had drank a bottle of cleaning detergent instead. It was learnt that his friend is a jeweller and always carries the detergent with him to clean silverware.

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Saurabh was in pain, he and his friend was trying to called for help. However, the train was moving at full speed and they were told that the moving vehicle would only stop at its planned destination.

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Unfortunately, when the train finally arrived at a station in Agra, Saurabh had passed away due to poisoning.

Becareful peeps, although you are so into your game. Please watch out the things that you put into your mouth!

Source : Oriental DailyNST