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Dog Owner Allegedly Receives ‘Flour’ Instead of Ashes After Cremating Dog

There is a growing global trend to consider pets as part of the family. In fact, millions of people around the world love their pets, enjoying their companionship, going for walks, playing and even talking to them.

Thus, a pet’s death is always hard for a pet owner. Facebook user, Ranger Redhusky from Singapore was extremely sad on his beloved husky’s passing. He gave his dog’s remains to be cremated at Pets Cremation Center.

However, He discovered that the cremated remains of his precious dog looked suspiciously like a flour-like substance, rather than a dog’s crushed ashes.

He shared his findings on Facebook on Saturday.

My beloved husky’s ashes was sent back to us from Pets Cremation Center ( today. His urn was…

Posted by Ranger Redhusky on Sabtu, 30 November 2019

Message written on his post :

My beloved husky’s ashes was sent back to us from Pets Cremation Centre today. His urn was sealed with silicone, which I cut through, and I found this packet of white substance. It resembles flour. It is uniform in texture and in colour. This does not look anything like cremains. I called them to enquire, and they immediately started yelling and screaming that the ashes were “crushed into powder”. Feeling completely devastated.

Google search showed that this company had appeared on the news before for giving fake ashes. I contacted the person who filed that complaint, he had sent the ashes for a lab test and the ashes were indeed fake. However, police dropped the investigation, and his only option was to file a class action lawsuit, which was too pricey. I’m so disgusted and horrified.

Some netizens also shared their experience and most of them thought he was scammed and urged him to lodged a police report.

However, many dog owners stated that the ashes do not look quite right, claiming that proper cremated remains should have irregularity in texture and colour.

A Facebook user also shared some info about the company according to her at least two police reports were made against them since past few years, with complainants claiming that they received substances that resemble sand and cement after the cremation of their pets.

However , the company closed and reopened later with another company name. How can this be??

Hopefully there is authority or certain government agency can further investigate this matter .

Source : Facebook