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Harry Potter Themed Cafe in Concubine Lane, Ipoh. I Want a ” Butter Beer”!

Platform 9 & 1/2 is a Harry Potter-themed cafe located in Concubine lane, Ipoh. This is definitely a insta-worthy spot!

Love the exterior! It looks extremely cool, with windows reminiscent of stores in Diagon Alley. The two bulging and curved windows accompanying the front door, It’s definitely the first Instagram spot in this cafe.

And the inside, which features wooden tables and brick walls

This is something that attract me, i’m a food person ! hehe .. One of the most standout beverage would be butter brew float, or commonly know a butter beer. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not a beer. It’s made with Sarsaparilla and New Zealand imported Butterscotch ice cream.

And every single corner of the cafe also looks instagrammable !

Tempted to go? OK lah ..Jom, Let’s go Ipoh!

Source : Facebook | Instagram