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Love Scam : Women Transferred RM380k To Rescue Her Never Met “Husband”

This women from Johor , known as Lee ( 50 yo) sold her house to raise money for her so called “husband” to pay the Customs Department that detained him after he send in RM800 mil worth of gifts to her.

Source : Malay Mail

Lee said she had befriended Kenneth Cheung, an American, on Facebook in October last year and she said they were in a steady relationship. Thus , she called him husband even though they never gone through any wedding ceremony, she never met him in person either. All these while they just contacted each other with video calls.

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“One day, my husband told me that he had been detained by the Malaysian Customs Department after he tried to bring in RM800mil worth of gifts including two mobile phones, jewellery and undergarments for me.”

“I transferred a total of RM380,000 in cash as tax payments for the gifts so they could release my husband, ” Lee said.

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She sold her house in Masai for RM230,000 and borrowed from family members to make the payments.

In total, She made 11 payments to numerous bank accounts since November last year. She also lodged a police report which she believed customs officers who detained her husband were scamming her.

Andrew Chen, Stulang assemblyman said he believed that Lee was a victim of an online love scam and told her not to send any more money.

“I am deeply saddened by her situation as she has lost a significant amount of money, Lee is now penniless!” Chen said.

Chen said he told Lee that she could have been a victim of an online scam, but she brushed it aside. Sigh ..

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Love is blind, sometimes ! but i think certain rationality is still a MUST!

Source : Malay Mail | The Star