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Loving Father Send His Children Heartbreaking WhatsApp’s Message Before His Passing

Photos Credit to: China Press | MSN

The incident happened in Singapore, a loving father sending his children his last message before his untimely passing.

The deceased, a 45yo man worked as an electronics equipment salesman with a basic salary of RM3600. He lived in a 2 rooms HDB unit with his wife and their 7 children aged between 21yo to 4yo. The couple always wanted a son and lucky enough, 4 years ago his wife gave birth to a son.

Credit : China Press

Although they were never wealthy, but family members have always said that they were happy together. After the passing of their father, the two eldest children, a 21-year-old and a 19-year-old, will have to take on the responsibility to take care of the family.

Source : China Press

The last message from the loving dad written :

“Hi, dear beloved kids. Just now been 2 times my heart pain like hell and breathless plus my half brain was paralysed, really can’t move. Seems like wanna die now.

Please be united among you all, must not leave anyone behind.

I’m really sorry that I’ve failed to give you all a stable lifestyle, but I’ve always tried to work very hard.

Please love mommy for me, give her a good life.

Remember, I love you all.”

After receiving the harrowing WhatsApp message, his daughter advised him to seek medical attention immediately but her late father brushed off her concerns and went to work as usual. Unfortunately, 2 days later he succumbed to his condition and was hospitalised, before passing away on the 16th December 2019.

Credit : China Press

They also added that their late father has always been a good father to them, and did his best to make sure they could live comfortably, even with his meagre earnings.

We extend our deepest condolences to the rest family members, please stay strong!

Source : China Press