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Noodle Shop Owner in China Was Arrested for Adding” Opium” to Improve Business

Photos Credit to eastwestbank | xinhuanet 

The owner of a noodle shop in Guangxi Province, China, has been arrested for adding opium into the noodles, to induce customers to return to his shop in a bid to improve business, according to Sin Chew.

Credit : Sin Chew

So happened a customer who ate at the shop tested positive for morphine which is the active component of opium during a drug test at a police inspection.

The customer had been surprised by the outcome of the test results, and stressed that he had not taken any drugs. After questioned by the police, he stated that he had only eaten a bowl of snail rice noodles a few days ago at the shop.

Credit : Safetyandhealth

As the result, police making an unannounced visit to his shop, where they took a packet of snail powder which tested positive for morphine. 76 grams of poppy seed powder was discovered.

Credit : Sin Chew

The shop owner, Yang, subsequently pleaded guilty to adding poppy seed powder in his noodles. Yang admitted to using the powder as a bid to improve his business by making customers addicted to his noodles, in the hope that they would return.

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As for the source of his powder, Yang added that it came from the husks of poppies which he had grown in his hometown four years ago.

Currently, his case is under trial.

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Please lah.. next time just add salt, we don’t even mind if you add MSG but not opium.

Source : Sin Chew