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Online Application only for Singapore Autopass Card Starting Year 2020

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For those who travel pretty often to Singapore especially by vehicles, you should take note on this! Starting from Year 2020, the application of Autopass Card only can be done online !

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The Autopass card is must for all foreign vehicles to enter Singapore. It can be used to pay fees and tolls and also serves as an electronic Vehicle Entry Permit for foreign cars and motorcycles. Top up can easily made at any 7-11 stores or local bank ATMs.

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Starting from January next year, the Malaysia-registered vehicles owners will have to fill up an online registration forms before collecting the Autopass card (Vehicle Entry Permit) at LTA offices located Immigration checkpoint at both Tuas and Woodlands.


Of course, supporting documents such as road tax disc, valid vehicle insurance certificate are necessary for the submission. Approval can be obtained within a week.

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▼ If you are unclear what to do, you may follow steps below:

Step 1: Click on the online registration forms 【Here】, enter the relevant Email address 

Step 2: Choose either Car or Motorcycle and fill in the related vehicles information

Step 3: Fill in Applicant information 

Step 4: Upload Relevant IC, vehicle certificate and insurance

Step 5: Press continue and Submit . You will received an email upon successful of application.

Once your application is successful, you can make payment and collect your Autopass Card at our LTA office in Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint when you drive into Singapore. For more details, kindly log on to

There is 2 types of Autopass Cards with different values:

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$10 (RM30.60 )- with a pre-loaded cash value of $4 (RM12.30) and a non-refundable card cost of $6 (RM18.40).

$20 (RM61.30) – with a pre-loaded cash value of $14 (RM42.90) and a non-refundable card cost of $6 (RM18.40).

When you are entering or exiting Singapore via the Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint, insert your Autopass Card into the card reader at the immigration booths to record your entry and exit and pay the applicable fees.

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Apart from paying entry and exit fees, you can also use your Autopass Card for the following:

  • Payment for rides on public buses, MRT & LRT
  • Payment at car parks with CEPAS logo
  • Payment for ERP (for vehicles with a dual-mode IU installed)
  • Payment at selected retail outlets with this logo:

The Autopass card only eligible to your registered vehicle and the amount is non-transferable. Thus, when your vehicle is no longer in use, you may return the Autopass Card and apply for refund for any unused value.

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Share with your friends and family who are still unaware of the new requirement by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) and those travelling to Singapore starting January next year!

Source: Onemotoring | Thestar