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So Your Dad Is a ” Fish Officer” ?! LOL.. What a Spelling Mistake

Photos Credit to Sin Chew | iluminasi

Sometimes, we make some silly spelling mistake.. a bare space to a bear 🐻space .. hehehe..

But those unintentional mistake doesn’t harm and give you a good laugh. Same goes to this girl from Sabah. She only found out her dad’s occupation in her birth cert written ” Kerani Ikan”  after 22 years.

Credit: Sin Chew

According to Sin Chew, She was applying university abroad and needed to translate all her certification into English. So happened she found out the her dad’s occupation in her birth cert been translated into” Fish Officer”.

Credit :Spongebob fandom

At first,  she thought it’s been translated wrongly. However, when she looked at her birth cert again it was written ” Kerani Ikan”. She then asked her dad and her dad told her it supposed to be ” Kerani Iklan” which is advertising clerk.

Oh no ~~ What a spelling mistake! it gives everyone a good laugh .. However, she didn’t plan to make any changes since it doesn’t affected much.

Source: Sin Chew