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[Video]Heartbreaking Final Moments Before Toddler Falls From 5th Floors to Death Through Gap in Incomplete Bridge

The mother was filming the 2 young siblings running happily across the bridge when tragedy struck.

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The family of 4, a young couple with their 2 daughters aged 3 yo and 1yo from Johor was on their vacation in Sabah. On 1 Dec, They were having their lunch at 5th floor of a building which located in Jalan Bundusan, Penampang.

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After lunch, the mother brought the girls out for a walk. The 2 young siblings running happily hand in hand towards a bridge connecting to another building. While the mother was filming their happy moments and following closely behind them.

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Unfortunately, the bridge is still under construction where the flooring board in the link bridge had been removed and was not covered back. The 1 yo toddler ran a little faster than her sister and she fell from 5th floor onto the concrete ground through the gap on the removed flooring board.

Right after the incident happened, the police were alerted and the toddler was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, she was declared dead.

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However, initial local chinese newspaper reported the tragedy appeared to place some responsibility for the fall on the toddler’s mother not being diligent enough.

According to Daily Express, a police report sent to a Chinese newspaper used the word “membiar” — which means the children were allowed to do as they liked — seemingly implying negligence.

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Family members of the toddler were shocked with what had reported in the local chinese newspaper and told The Daily Express what really happened. According to them, the mother was right behind her girls, filming them walking across the bridge.

Screenshot of CCTV footage that shows just how close the mother was to them, and no warning signs or alerts of danger anywhere in sight.

[click on the link for CCTV Footage]

The family had no clue at all why the police version that was issued to the press was different from the one that was actually lodged.

Our deepest condolences to the family of the toddler .

We hope the little angel will rest in peace and justice will prevail soon! 

Source : Daily Express | Facebook