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What ?! She is 72 years old .. No Way ! I Think She is 27 years old…

Photo credit to Instagram

Tell me what are you seeing ? 72 years old or 27 years old ?

This is a picture of a 72 yo granny and her grandchild.

This lady from Thailand named Apasra Hongsakula, she was 18 when she won Miss Universe in 1965.

Her win in 1965 was the first for Thailand. There was a minor impact on the host nation- United States, where five baby girls were given the name “Apasra” in 1965.

Apasra Hongsakula was born and raised in Bangkok, but she was sent to learn English at a girls secondary school in Penang, Malaysia.

She returned to the Miss Universe competition as a judge in 1973 and 1979. After the competition, Apasra was appointed “cultural ambassador” by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, President of Raymond Weil Watches, and President of Apasra Beauty Slimming Spa.

She has since acted as a judge of the Miss Universe Thailand competition.

According to Coconuts Bangkok , some have suggested that she’s been through an “anti-aging course” that cost THB2.5 million (about RM342,000). However, her manager denied the allegation and said she just changed her hair from wavy to straight, which made her look younger.

Obviously, It’s hard to believe anyone on the earth that looks like Apasra does in her 70s. Well, i think we have to accept that fact that everyone ages differently.

And let’s hope that she’s working on some magic anti-aging pill so we can all experience the joys of youth when we are 70s too..

Source : coconuts Bangkok | Miss Universe

Photo credit : Instagram