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Horrific Accident: 6 yo Girl’s Eyelid Is Torn Off After She Smashes Her Face on a Clothes Hook

Photos Credit to Daily Mail 

A ‘lovely and happy’ girl has been scarred for life after her eyelid was torn off when she fell and smashed her face on a clothes rack in Kmart, Australia.

Cecilia Chen, 6 years old , was almost blinded while shopping with her grandmother last week. She wanted to buy a pink t-shirt and her grandmother was helping her to look for one.

As Cecilia’s grandmother looked through the shirts on a high rack, the 6 yo spotted a pink one and jumped up to try to reach it.

She lost her balance and crashed landed, smashing her right eye into a metal clothes hook on the rack below. Cecilia’s top eyelid including her eyelashes was sliced off.

Her mother Jill Huang rushed from work before an ambulance took them to the Hospital. Cecilia had a four-hour operation that night to restore her eyelid – but her mother says she will never look the same again.

‘Everything happened so suddenly. Grandma could do nothing to prevent it.’ Jill said.

Jill, who described Cecilia as ‘lovely and happy’, said her daughter had plastic surgery to repair her eyelid muscle and lacrimal gland.

‘Luckily her eye ball was not damaged, but it will take a long time for Cecilia’s sight to return to normal,’ she said.

‘Her right eye lid will be lower and smaller and never look the same. She is very sad and scared.’

It’s sad to hear such a news. Especially CNY is around the corner and kids always follow parents to buy new clothes.. I think most parents can resonate. A big shout out to the retailers, Please make your clothes racks safer for children!! Parents, Please keep an eye on your kids too!!

Source  & Picture credit : Daily Mail