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Little Boy Refused To Leave Parents Grave, Kept Calling ” Mum , Mum”

Photos Credit to:  Facebook


It’s heart-wrenching, when you hear the little boy call out to his mum in his parents grave. He lost both his parents in a car accident few months back. Sob~~

His uncle posted on Facebook some photos and shared his little newphew named Arfan refused to leave his parents grave site and just wanted to play sand somewhere near to his parents..The poor boy must be missing his parents dearly.

The caption written, “Brought him to visit his parents’ graves because he likes to talk to his mother. When we told him his mother was here, he called out to her, ‘mum, mum’. He doesn’t want to go home, he likes playing in the sand even though he doesn’t play with sand at home. It’s clear he misses them, he refused to leave even though I pulled his hand. We’ll definitely come again, ok, Arfan?”

The little boy now lives with his grandmother and visits his parents’ grave site regularly.

Probably, we should see this as a reminder, everything can change in a blink of an eye, spend time with your loved ones and love with all your heart, you will never know you may not have the chance again!

Source : Facebook