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“Global Bersih”, a Campaign Calls To Respect The Rakyat’s Vote

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Looking at the current political situation in our country, we as a Malaysians must stand united and remain hopeful for our future.

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Lately, a Facebook campaign known as “Global Bersih” was launched so Malaysians could gather and express their concerns with the current political situation. The campaign is inspired by the Bersih protest that sees Malaysians taking it to the streets to protest for fair and clean elections.

The lack of transparency and unpredictable nature of the ongoing political turmoil has also led to widespread confusion, frustration and anxiety.

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“Global Bersih” urges politicians to quit politicking and work for the interest of Malaysians.

“Global Bersih” calls for the following:

  • Lawmakers from all parties must assume their responsibilities as elected representatives of the rakyat and put aside self-interest and internal power struggles to act in the best interest of the nation.
  • The appointment of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet must be made in full accordance with the Federal Constitution and relevant rules and processes.
  • All parties involved should make best efforts to resolve the situation as soon as possible, so that a new government can focus its energies on tackling the many challenges facing the country today rather than spending time on internal political power play.
  • Regardless of how the current impasse is resolved, the resulting government must continue with the implementation of the reforms necessary to ensure good governance, minimize the risk of corruption and abuse of power, and create the conditions for social and economic progress for all. These include reforms in the GE14 manifesto on the basis of which Pakatan Harapan was elected, and reforms proposed by Global Bersih and Bersih 2.0. to enable free and fair elections. These institutional reforms are essential to empower Malaysians and to provide the checks and balances necessary to develop our country into a truly mature democracy.
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#RespectMyVote is a hashtag designated to represent the voice of Malaysians living oversea. It allows them to write in to their MPs, appealing to the leaders of the country to set aside their political agendas for the sake of the rakyat.

Source : Facebook