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Long Queue for Divorce After Coronavirus Outbreak in China

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For over a month, most Chinese in China hardly stepped out of their homes because of the lockdown, as advised by the government to curb the spread of Covid-19.

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While the frontliners, doctors and nurses were kept busy containing the Covid-19 outbreak, the laymen like you and i who had to stay home had their own challenges too. For example, the kids running about the house because closure of their school, married couples might have a fight over the house chores and so on..

Some married couples probably treated the “home quarantine” as their second honeymoon and spent quality time together. However, not everybody the same for some of the couples it was probably a nightmare.

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News about the long wait for couples getting a divorce in Xi An (1 of the province in China) became a hot topic on Weibo recently. Reason being, Many of them were driven up the wall by their other halves and many relationships couldn’t survived the difficult period.

Thus, the appointments of getting divorce in the provincial Registrar of Marriage were all fully booked after the lockdown.

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“And now, the public need to wait for nearly 3 weeks for their turn to submit the applications, ” said an officer of the bureau. He said all appointments at the bureau’s 17 offices were taken up since they reopened for operations on March 2, after a long break in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

In Dazhou city of southwestern Sichuan province, offices of the Registrar of Marriage were also loaded with divorce application forms.

The bureau’s chief for Tongchuan district, Dai Shijun, said that up till Wednesday, they had processed 122 marriage and 88 divorce applications since opening its doors recently. He also said those who made appointments for divorce are more than those who want to get married.

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He said conflicts and disagreements between couples became more obvious when they spent too much time together. Some are wondering what had caused the relationships to be irreparable and why couldn’t these couples wait until the pandemic was over.

One of the Internet users revealed that simple things like who should cook or wash the dishes could lead to a big fight between her and her husband. Another netizen wrote that she could not stand her husband, who behaved like an emperor at home.

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“Before the outbreak, I could understand that he was very busy at work and neglected the family but now he is so free and yet, he is not helping out with a little housework or taking care of our child, ” she said. She complained that her husband woke up late in the day, had lunch and then he was on his mobile phone most of the time.

Ok! Fellow Malaysia, it’s our turn for control movement order. Let’s work together to fight Covid-19 .. Meantime, more love and no fight ok ~~

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