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Malaysian In China Shared Experience: How To Keep Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic!

Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia is getting worse. Since there were 315 confirmed cases spike in these two days which makes a total of 553 cases by today(Mar 16), everyone started the panic buying, stocking up canned food, instant noodle and as you know, not forgetting the  toilet papers!

Recently, a post went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp and was written by a Malaysian who reside in China during the Covid-19 outbreak. In the post, the writer shared her experience on how she kept herself safe.

The original post:

Covid-19 Pandemic

For those who didn’t know, I’ve been in China Chongqing all these while when this circus started in end Jan. The whole world was watching China then, and now that China have it under control, we are watching this whole panic thing happening around the world. Maybe I can share my experience how I kept myself safe.

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Well first of all, it was not just Hubei and Wuhan that was in lockdown. Basically the whole of China was in lockdown. So the people of Hubei and Wuhan cannot leave their city. While in Chongqing, we can’t leave our residential compound. Yup, you read me right.

We are given a permit to allow 1 pax from 1 household to exit and enter the residential compound every 2 or 3 days to get essential stuff, depending on how serious the situation is in your area.

Everyone needs to get their body temperature checked upon entering any building at any time. And when I say essential stuff it really is essential stuff, back then during the curfew only markets, supermarkets, pharmacies, designated clinics and such are allowed to operate.

So no hanging around, wandering around the streets aimlessly because nothing else is open. And if you are wandering around, you’ll be strongly advised by the patrolling police to get back home.

This curfew has been for 40 days. So yes, we (basically the whole of China) have all been in a curfew/lockdown for that long. And that’s billions of people we are talking about.

It may be enforced by law, but everyone is willingly and voluntarily isolating themselves. No school, no work! This really is THE WAY TO STOP THE SPREADING!

Isolation and quarantined is violating human rights? Please, what’s human right if you end up 6 ft under.

And so, if I needed to go out to get essentials, this is what I did, and still am doing. I usually just get my groceries that can last 1-2 weeks, just so I don’t need to go out too often and lower my risk of contraction. I don’t stock up on anything, esp toilet paper ahem…

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1. Face mask on (this is strongly enforced here, one can get arrested if they refused to)

2. Have my hand sanitizer and a small bottle of 75% alcohol spray with me.

3. Once I leave my house, If I touch the lift buttons or anything else, I’ll make sure to sanitize my hands before I get in my car and start touching everything else. (I refuse to use a tissue or glove cause I don’t want to create unnecessary rubbish, I can live with dry hand skin)

* So if you need to take the public transport and need to hold the handles/poles, just make sure you sanitize your hands as soon as you leave the bus/ train.

4. Go about getting my stuff. I don’t touch my face especially my eyes, nose and mouth when I’m out. If I really need to rub my eyes, I will sanitize my hands [see the pattern here? ] and use the inner part of my shirt to rub my eyes.

5. Done with shopping. Place stuff in car and sanitize hands.

6. Get home. Wash hands with soap and water, take off mask, bin it or hang it somewhere to air for reuse. Wash hands again!

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7. Change my clothes and toss it directly into the washing machine, wash with 60℃ water. Hang my winter jackets in the balcony to air. Shower immediately.

8. Disinfect my groceries, those with packaging and my reusable shopping bags.

9. Disinfect car keys, door handle & lock and my handphones! HANDPHONES PEOPLE!

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So, this is my SOP. It really is fairly simple.

  1. MASK MASK MASK!!! Seriously! You are protecting yourself and everyone around you. It is contagious even before symptoms surfaces. If you can’t get disposable, get those woven sewn with changeable non woven layers. It’s available out there. Search for it.
  2. WASH your hands and don’t touch your MEN (mouth, eyes, nose).
  3. Stay away from crowds, pleaseeeee. Limit your activities to need base. One month without social activities really won’t kill anyone!
  4. Oh right, I no longer use cash in China, it’s all e-payment. So if you’ve handled cash, you know the drill ya. Sanitize! (your hands, not the cash)
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It takes everyone to stop this from spreading. If you still think this is just a normal FLU and not taking any precautions, then you really are a danger to the community at this moment in time.

Peace out. Stay calm.

Malaysian in Chongqing.


P/s: There really isn’t any need to stock up on TOILET PAPER laa !

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Netizens’ responses: 

▼ However, a commenter from Bejing said that THIS SITUATION wasn’t happened in whole China, but only somewhere such as Chongqing.

▼ Netizens appreciate her sharing!

▼ As a Malaysians, we have to start this SOP from now on!

At the end of the post, the writer mentioned that it is unnecessary to stock up toilet papers! The most important thing is to protect ourselves, wash hand frequently, disinfect the things like the mobile phone and the groceries and most importantly NO GATHERING !  

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