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Netizen Shared Recipe: Cook Fried Rice Using Rice Cooker !

Every Asian loves fried rice.. OMG! Every time I think of fried rice I missed home. It’s my favourite homemade dish because it’s just so easy to prepare. You can put any ingredients that you like and make it your own special dish.

Recently, a Singapore netizen, Leslie Koh shared his recipe of cooking fried rice on the Facebook. The post has since garnered over 10,000 shares and 2,400 likes.

Most of the people surely have the same problem like what Leslie do. Yupe..the oily kitchen. To avoid this happens, what can we do?

Ahha..Leslie’s cook it with a rice cooker. Besides enjoying the delicious fried rice, nothing much on cleaning the kitchen. And also, it’s as simple as ABC!

So, HOW TO COOK FRIED RICE USING RICE COOKER? Let’s follow the steps now!

▼ Step 1: Prepare the ingredients (green onions, eggs, chicken sausages and chicken stock) .

▼ Step 2:

▼ Step 3:

▼ Step 4:

▼ Step 5:

▼ Step 6:

▼ Step 7:

▼ Step 8:

▼ Step 9:

▼ Step 10:

▼ Step 11:

▼ Step 12:

▼ Step 13:

▼ Sausage Egg Fried Rice has DONE!

▼ “The easiest way for cooking fried rice. ”

▼ Why don’t you have a try?!

Source: Leslie Koh / Facebook