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Parents Use Helicopter to Send Books to Student in School as He Forget to Bring Them

Imagine that you forgot your books at home and left for school. Would your parents care let alone want to bring them to you in the school?

Well, in this viral video, parents of a forgetful student didn’t just send the books to him in the school, they flew them to him in a helicopter. Woow..


The video was reportedly shot at the North-West University campus in South Africa.

Credit : Nextcloud ( North West University )

The tweet came with a caption: “So guy forgot his bag at home and Parents decided to bring the bag with a chopper at NWU. Shuu guys #KeaDrive #Sandton.”

The student could be seen walking towards the helicopter as soon as it landed and a bag believed to have his forgotten books was handed to him before he returned with his head down to avoid unwanted attention.

Credit : Twitter

A loud voice is also heard screaming in the background asking the young man who he was to deserve that level of treatment and what calibre of parents could afford to give him that kind of pampering.

Since the video hit the internet it has gone viral, attracting reactions with many social media users freaking out on the development. Share with us what is your thoughts!

Source : Twitter