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Stray Animals Would Probably Live in Hunger During The Movement Control Order Period

Photos credit to timesofisrael | freemalaysiatoday 

The COVID-19 outbreak is getting worst in Malaysia. Week after week, all we’re getting are the increase of number of infected cases and number of death. As reported yesterday, we are at 1030 infected cases and 3 reported death!

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When everyone are focusing and concerning about mankind and self safety, does anyone ever think of the stray cats and dogs? 

Credit: gvcvets

How could these furry kids going to survive when Malaysia government announced the Movement Control Order (MCO)? Most businesses will be shut down, people are encourage to stay at home, all school and university closed and so on. The questions comes… who will be there to feed the homeless stray animals?

Credit: borneopost

One social platforms which support stray cats and dogs are urging people to help those furry kids whenever you can. The post went viral and garnered close 2.1K shares !

Original Post:

Within these two weeks of restricted movement period, the homeless animals will live hungrier and harder.

The thirsty and hungry strays should be very puzzled … Where have all human beings gone? The places they used to find food, now there’s no one, no water and no food.

We urge everyone to help the strays to survive this difficulty time

1. Put water and food in front of your house for the passing strays.

2. Wear a mask when you’re out and bring along sufficient dog ​food, cat food and water with you to feed them.

Feeding the strays doesn’t make you contact with crowd. You don’t need to go far, feed the strays near to your community, if everyone is willing to do so, the strays will not suffer from starvation.

Feed -> Clean -> Wash and sanitize your hand -> Go home. (Please REMEMBER to clean up before leaving to avoid being complained.)

We received a notice from cooperative transportation company that the transportation service will be stopped by tomorrow. It is not possible to transport dog food from our KL supplier until end of March. The food in our shelter now can only last for just two weeks’ time …

Many veterinary clinics have also stopped taking in neutering surgery, the overall situation is not good.

We can’t afford the extension of the movement control period. Please don’t be stubborn my friends, DON’T gather in groups or travel to other states.

For your own sake, for your family, other lives, the whole society, and the medical staff who are on the front line but cannot return home, please adhere to the movement control order.

Is quite heartbroken when seeing those pictures, definitely the strays would be wondering “Hey, where’s those people going?” , “Hey, why those shop is not opening?” ,not knowing we actually in the midst of MCO.


▼Netizens are also worry about the furry kids and hope there will be someone to help

▼Luckily, there are still people out there trying their best to feed the furry kids on street. bravo guys and thank you so much!

▼Strays are so happy when call them and when they see the food.

Thanks to some great peoples out there that are trying to help the homeless animals to survive through this tough time!  And, Remember to stay hygiene people ! 

Source: HOPE