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Covid-19: Delhi’s Deliveryman Tests Positive Put 72 Families In Quarantine

Especially during MCO, many of us buying essentials or even food online. Thus, deliverymen are very important, without them, those things we purchased will not reach us.

Credit : India Times

However, there is still risk imposed when we are interacting with the deliverymen. This is what happened in Delhi. A pizza delivery boy who was tested positive for Covid-19 after showing all the symptoms for about 20 days have put 72 families and 17 other pizza delivery boys who work closely with him in quarantine.

According to India Today, these families were identified by the authorities based on the areas that he had visited in the past 20 days. Zomato, a food delivery service in Delhi, also issued a statement regarding the delivery boy as some of the deliveries requested are made via the platform.

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We really appreciate their efforts delivering our grocery and food on time. Meantime, let’s practise social distancing when interacting with the deliverymen. You can choose to have your items dropped at the entrance and sanitize them before you bring inside your house.

Let’s do our part and together we #beatCovid-19!

Source : India Today