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Creative M’sian Turned His Simple Bedroom Into Ikea Show Unit During MCO

Hey, let us look back what we have done or accomplish during this MCO! Have you become a professional chef or just putting on weight?

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Remember this creative Malaysian who sketched and decorated his room into spaceship?

Here come another creative and innovation Malaysian @fiqSaid, he had shared his achievement on Twitter and no doubt his post garned 14.3 likes and 7.4k retweet!

Lets check on his bedroom makeover, you would be amazed on his creativity and handwork!

▼Picture 1 (Before Vs After)

▼Picture 2 (Before Vs After)

▼Picture 3 (Before Vs After)

▼Picture 4 (Before Vs After)

▼Picture 5 (Before Vs After)

▼Picture 6 (Before Vs After)

In his Tweets, @FiqSaid also list down the details he bought from IKEA:

  • Stora Loft bed RM1299
  • Malvik mattress RM699
  • Aneboda wardrobe 2 door x 2 (He could not remembered the price as he bought them 5 years ago, furthermore IKEA is not selling this model anymore)
  • songesand wardrobe 3 door RM999 ,
  • linmon alex table RM399
  • skalberg sporren chair RM129
  • trofast storage RM146 x 2

Overall, it took him nearly RM5000 to do done the makeover!

▼Really awesome to accomplish the bedroom for RM5K only!

▼IKEA should notice this ! Haha

Let’s check on his makeover video in Twitter, hope it motivated you as well, 9 days to go people , #stayathome !

Source: Twitter