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Guess How Much Hermès Making After Reopen It’s China’s Boutiques?

Hermès was forced to close its boutiques in China on Feb 11, when Covid-19 rapidly spread of its original epicenter in Wuhan and China government announced a nationwide lockdown in order to curb the spread of the virus.

The luxury boutique reopened 2 months after the lockdown on Apr 11. According to WWD, eager and wealthy customers had already waited long for the store to re-open, with many traveling from areas within Guangdong Province, the most affluent region in China.

Credit : WWD

The Hermès boutique just so happens to be situated in the metropolis that is Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province.

In an attempt to verify the staggering sales figures, WWD reports that Hermès has yet to respond.

However, Hermès is said to have brought in USD 2.7 million (RM 11.8 million), in sales on the reopening day of its flagship store in Guangzhou’s Taikoo Hui last Saturday, according to multiple sources.

Credit : WWD

The numbers have somewhat been confirmed on social media, flooded with posts by VIP customers who went shopping there on the day of the reopening.

Rare bags, including a diamond-studded Himalayan Birkin, were shipped to the location. VIPs from across the Guangdong province, the wealthiest area in China with Guangzhou its capital, descended on the store to purchase tableware, shoes, furniture and leather goods.

Credit : purseblog

However, Robb Report speculate that this could all just be a one-off; a revenge-buying. Where, ordinary Chinese citizens on social media talked about how much they would treat themselves once lockdown was over.

For now, only time can tell. But luxury brands remain optimistic.

Source : WWD | Robb Report