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MCO : Sabah Father Chases NGO Van With Bicycle to Beg For help

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A young father from Sandakan, Sabah chasing an aid distribution van on a bicycle just to put  food on the table. He is among those affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO) after the fish-ball factory where he worked had to be temporarily closed down.

Fendi, a 28-year-old father of two, had cycled from Kampung Bakau, about 1.5km away, to catch up with Yunizam and the distribution van.

According to Persatuan Generasi Prihatin Sabah manager, Yusnizam Yusop, Fendi approached him Monday while they were distributing food supplies in Kampung Sundang.

“I would like to ask for some help sir. I heard that you are distributing supplies, can I ask some for my wife and kids at home, please?,” he pleaded,” shared Yusnizam.

Credit : Facebook

“There’s nothing to eat at home, please sir, I beg of you.”

The charitable organisation however was unable to help that day as the supplies reserved were for another needy family.

“If we give him the supplies on that day, what about the family who were meant to have it in the first place? We felt guilty as if we had sinned for rejecting his request,” said Yusnizam.

Credit : Facebook

However, before he left Yunizam managed to pass him his contact number so that they could find some donations for him and his family. The following day, Yunizam and his distribution group managed to put together some food supplies, and sent it to Fendi and his family.

Fendi’s wife is still recovering from her caesarean after delivery of their second child.

Credit : Facebook

According to Yunizam, who shared the story of Fendi on his Facebook page, many had come forward and offered to help Fendi by asking for his phone and account number.

The Persatuan Generasi Prihatin Sabah has been operating since 2014 and has received distress calls from as many as 1,500 families affected by the MCO.

Credit : Malay Mail

Yunizam and the team are hoping for more donations as the amount of people asking for help with food supplies has been overwhelming during MCO.

Source : Malay Mail