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Cutest Hard Rock Singer Gets Her kudos From ‘Rage Against The Machine’ For Her Cover!

Photos credit to Twitter

This Malaysian father-daughter uploaded a cover of American rock band Rage Against The Machine (RATM)’s iconic hit “Killing In The Name Of”.

I believed this this the cutest ever version of the song. The video begins with Audrey getting herself ready while her father Ujang Ijon strums his guitar.

Credit : Youtube

Then Audrey start singing “Kiwwing in name on!” and the “arrgghhh” … she is definitely on the dot.. and looking at that just makes our heart melt at her cuteness.

The guitarist for RATM Tom Morello retweeted the video spreading it to fans all across the world with a caption ” Preach sister preach”.

“Quite possibly the hardest cover of the song ever,” he also wrote in an Instagram post.

Credit : Instagram

Netizens love Audrey’s version of Killing In The Name Of too!

Check out the Audrey’s cover here.


When is your next cover, Audrey? All your fans are waiting ..

Source : Twitter | Youtube