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Female Driver Breaks Down After Receiving Terrible News of Her Husband Passing Away

It’s hard to accept the passing of your loved one especially when you are on duty and working abroad. There’s one case happened yesterday.

Footage of a Singapore bus captain breaking down after receiving terrible news of her husband passing away in Malaysia has gone viral on social media.

The video was recorded by a passer-by who spotted the bus driver sobbing loudly in the bus, where she parked the bus at the bus stop at Clementi Avenue 1 and there were no passengers on board.

Several men approached to seek what’s going on, the female drivers tells them that her husband has just passed away in Malaysia.

The helpful man was then able to get her supervisor on phone and asked the supervisor to come over and assist the poor lady.

“She cannot continue driving, we are assisting her, can you sent someone?” the helpful men tell her supervisor.

Passers-by also tried to help and comfort the female drivers by offering some drinks and tissues.

Shortly after, her college arrived to assist her, and another bus captain helped to drive the vehicle back.

Full Video:

Throughout the video, the female driver appears overwhelmed by emotion. No one can imagine what she must have gone though at the moment. Luckily she was assist by the helpful gentleman.

Our deepest condolences to her family….

Source: Facebook