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Now We Know Who Is The Pianist That Plays Hyun Bin’s Look-Alike In “Crash Landing On You”

“Crash Landing On You’ finale is something everyone love and hate the most, because we wanted to know how Captain Ri and Se-Ri meet each other again, and yet we know it’s the last episode once the drama end we feel lost. Anyone feel the same too?!! Anyhow, it’s one of my favourite K-drama for now..

Credit : Klook

Do you remember in Episode 16, after Captain Ri promises to meet Se-Ri in Switzerland, she has her family put down roots in the form of a music scholarship foundation. In the hope that Captain Ri gets a clue and meet her there.

In one of the scene, she was wandering in the park and when she saw a handsome guy playing the piano in a beautiful tune..

Credit : Klook

In her mind, it must be Captain Ri..

Credit : Klook

But sadly, it’s NOT…but it was actually someone else.

Credit : Facebook

Ta-dah .. meet See Siang Wong, a decorated Swiss-Chinese pianist who was born in the Netherlands and who made a cameo appearance in the show!

He posted his cameo experience in Crash Landing On You on his Facebook page last April 27.

“After sooo many requests of friends and reactions on CrashLandingOnYou here are some memorable pics of the film shoot! I was playing a “lookalike” Pianist for superstar Hyun Bin in the last episode…🙈🤣😝The show is over now and has reached No. 1, watched by millions all over the world !!! The most fun gig I have ever done as a pianist !!! 🤪”

A number of pictures were included, most popular one of course is the picture with Hyun Bin.

▼He light-heartedly admitted that he did not know who Hyun Bin was as he never watched K-Dramas in the past.

▼Again a mask for TV… getting used to it ! 😂

▼ Sorry it was 7 in the morning … my hair 😂

▼ Always admired how Koreans are dedicated to Hair Styling !

▼Some instructions of the Director ! 🤓🙈

▼ And the show is on … take 1 ! 😊😎😛

▼ Lindenhof in Zurich is indeed beautiful …. ! 😍

▼ Me and the director and his assistant !!! Was fun, many thanks !!! 😇😊

Source : Facebook