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Sunway Pyramid Uses Mannequins For Safe Distancing Between Shoppers

Photos credit to: Facebook / Sunway Pyramid


In a Facebook post on May 19, Sunway Pyramid announced that they have placed mannequins on the mall’s benches, so that only one person is allowed to sit on a bench at one time. Sadly, this will be the new norm for all of us..

Credit : Facebook

In addition to their role as safe distancing ambassadors, the mannequins are also meant to display outfits from the mall’s retail tenants.

“If you spot them, don’t be scared,” the mall wrote, as if knowing that shoppers would be spooked.

Imagination goes wild a bit when Malaysians are in 2 months of movement control order ( MCO).

Netizen @mrbrown spotted the scenario and posted ” Sunway pyramid, house of horror issit?” with a caption, in case an empty mall isn’t creepy enough..


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Source : Facebook / Sunway Pyramid