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4 Kids Scratches 30 Luxury Cars, Parents Asked to Pay RM910,000

This incident happened in Guang Dong province, China, where 4 kids from 2 family scratched 30 over luxury cars while playing in their residential area. Their disastrous act burned a hole in their parents’ wallets.

Credit : China Press

According to China Press, spoke person of the management for the residential area said the 4 mischievous kids are not that little, they aged between 10 to 15-year-old and they are cousins.

They scratched 30 over cars which include, BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln and one of the it, Maybach, the damage may cost up to 120,000 yuan (RM 72,000).

Credit : China Press

The total damage was estimated over 15,000,000 yuan (RM 910,000). The car owners demanded a compensation however the parents of the kids play dumb.

Thus, the car owners and management for the residential area decided to lodge police report and take legal action towards them. They will took the case to court mediation.