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5 of the Best Tear-Jerking Thai Commercials

Photos credit to adsoftheworld | brandingasia | novni

I believe a lot of you agreed with me that Thais are really good in creating content for their commercials. Be it, the one that make our bellies hurt from laughing or the one that leaving us unable to control our tears.

Here are the best heartwarming Thai commercials that are mini movies of their own.

#1 Silence of Love

Remember to care for those who care for you.

Advertiser : Thai Life Insurance

#2 My Supermom

From the moment you’re born, in good times or bad. There is always one person who is ready to be everything you need, always believe in whatever you do. That one person who we call… “Mom”

Advertiser : Nestle

#3 Garbage Man

I just have a positive view. We will see beautiful aspects of life. And the power of this great story that will help propel every life Our days move forward happily.

Advertiser : Thai Life Insurance

#4 Teacher and Mother

A teacher with a mother that has Alzheimer decease. He has to bring his mom in the school while he’s teaching the class because he has no one to take care of her.

Advertiser : C.P. Group

#5 Teacher

It’s about Thai teacher who devoted all of his life for teaching. This Inspirational Story is based on a true story.

Advertiser : 7-eleven

Sob sob 😒😒😒 You must be like me respecting these Thai people’s ability of making heartwarming commercials. These are just too GOOD!!! to the extend, i forget they are commercials.