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Cat With Two Colours On Her Face Inherits The Colours To Her Kittens!

You know cats make amazing pets for plenty of reasons, but sometimes it can be hard to put into words exactly why they’re so adorable. Cats are something we see everyday and it is something usual for all of us. Have you ever see a cat with many colours on the face?

Credit: Live Science

Recently there was a post that went viral about an unique cat called Narnia. Narnia is a cat with two different colours on her face. This unique and unusual incident occurred when the cat was seen with two gray and white shades on her face.

Credit: themodernmet

At first glance, Narnia looks like a ‘Chimera’ type cat that used to have a lot of color not only on her face but also her eyes, and has gone viral on social sites.

Credit: Elite Readers

Narnia is believed to have the result of combining two different types of DNA. However, it became increasingly strange after the owner claimed that DNA tests did not show that it is.

A geneticist has tested Narnia. It turns out this cat has only one DNA, and is therefore a mystery of science. He added that it is also very unusual for Narnia with pretty blue eyes particularly in black cats like her. Blue eyes are usually found often in white cats.

Credit: Cats on Catnip

The best part is that Narnia has passed those colours on to her kittens. Each of his sons has taken colours on each side of Narnia’s face.

Credit: themodernmet

The kitten in black was named Prada while gray one was named Phoenix by their owner. Both kittens follow Narnia’s Face colours and look perfectly split into two. Although both of them do not follow Narnia’s blue eyes but they do have attractive brown eyes.

Credit: iHearts

Narnia’s owner said that the kittens were adopted and brought away from Narnia but they have taken part of Narnia with them.

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