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Future of Travel? Viral Video Of Travellers Waited to Board A Plane in Airport

Photos credit to facebook | mothershipsg

Is this what travel in future look like??

A video was circulated in Facebook where a group of travellers with their blue PPE waited to board a plane in Changi Airport. This scene was most likely the return of Vietnamese back home.

The passengers paid their own fares and were preparing to leave Singapore while taking enhanced measures amid Covid-19 pandemic that has not completely subsided.

A photo released by Vietnam Airlines on the second flight out of Singapore showed rows upon rows of passengers wearing blue PPE on the plane as they returned home.

Credit : Malaysia News

Those on board included pregnant women, the elderly, youth under 18, people suffering illnesses, and workers or tourists whose visas had expired, according to a Vietnam Foreign Ministry release.

Credit: The Star

Vietnam reported no new cases of Covid-19 infection on Wednesday, with its total confirmed cases remaining at 332 and zero deaths so far, according to its Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, three patients were announced to have recovered from the disease, bringing the total cured cases in the country to 320.

Source : Facebook | Xin Hua