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Mystery solved, Now We Know Who is “Kakak Baju Putih” & The Orange Cat

In a news report aired on Buletin TV3 two days back, showed video footages of members of the public at highways in the country, which included interviews with road users on the preparations they made to travel in this “new normal”.

Credit : Youtube

But, what attracted the attention of social media users was a scene on 1:50 where a woman “Kakak baju putih” in a white shirt and grey hijab was spotted running across the screen carrying an orange cat.

Twitter user @Ijulnaim shared the video, asking why was there suddenly a shot of a lady running while carrying a cat? while other netizens were asking “Can I know if the cat is safe @BuletinTV3?”


Thanks to the power of Twitter, we managed to find the “kakak baju putih”. Her name is Mayamin Husna Hisham and no, she was not “catnapping” an orange cat.

According to NST, Mayamin or Maya, confirmed the cat belongs to her. While the name of the cat is Mineski ( Neski in short), she is a rescued cat – that Maya found outside a cyber cafe named Mineski, that how she gets her name, and Neski is also a mother of two kittens.

Credit : NST

Maya, 22, a cat-lover who has 15 cats in total, said during the “incident” yesterday, she was on the way back to her mother’s house in Sabak Bernam with Mineski and her two kittens.

However while they were travelling, one of the kittens defecated in the pet carrier and Maya stopped at the Sungai Buloh Rest and Recreation (R&R) area along the highway to clean them up.

Credit : NST

“While I was cleaning the carrier, I cleaned the kittens as well, and Neski was the last. As I was cleaning them, I noticed the presence of police and army in the area. I wasn’t aware that TV3 was filming there.

“The reason why I ran while holding Neski like that was because I was wearing a white shirt and did not want to soil it,” she said, jokingly adding that part of the reason why she ran that way was also because she felt slightly intimidated by the presence of police and the military.

Credit : Youtube

Maya said that this was her first time bringing Neski back to her mother’s home and she was also worried the cat might get scared and run off because there were many cars around at the time.

After cleaning them up, Maya proceeded with her travel and they all made it home safely, at the time unaware that Neski would become a “social media celebrity”.

Mystery solved, now we know the story behind “kakak baju putih” and the orange cat.

Source : NST