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A Bride Went Viral When She Was Filmed Busy With Phone And Laptop At Her Wedding

Photo credit Twitter

A wedding day! The day where family and friends gathered to celebrate the marriage of a bride and groom. It is such a fun and sweet day for everyone to remember. During the wedding, the bride usually doesn’t need to worry about anything else, other than her makeup and dress.

Credit: Ginger ray

Well, this bride is definitely extraordinary! This viral Twitter post that got almost 600 retweets and 2K likes, shows a bride was busy with both her phone and laptop. It also caught in the video, her husband walked and sit next to her as the sound of someone laughing could be heard in the background.

This video made a lot of the netizens become curious about her behavior as a lot of brides usually relax and would be hanging out with her family and friends.

Netizens’ responses

▼Might be a great idea to avoid those nosey aunties or cousins.

▼Well, she might be just a hard-worker

▼It is a bit shocking if there is any boss who does this at their worker’s wedding.

▼If she didn’t manage her time well, it would be a problem.

▼It seems like there is a person who could see herself in the same situation.

Credit: markovina

▼But, honestly, would it be like showing off if you are working during your wedding?

▼But, most people speculate that she is telecasting her wedding via online like zoom or skype for people who couldn’t come.

Credit: yourstory

▼However, a lot of people have a different idea regarding her and definitely some wild guesses there!

Credit: Twitter

▼As a student, this would be a huge nightmare!

Let’s be honest, no one wants to work during their wedding.

Info via Twitter