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Cuteness Overload! Pomeranian Went Viral For Wearing Delivery Uniforms

Photo credit to Facebook


Dogs are cute! You can’t tell me otherwise. From small to the big size breed, they are just adorable. Dogs make really great companions because they are very loyal and have a very positive attitude.

Credit: Washington Post

Speaking about cuteness, this dog takes it to a whole new level! This dog went viral on Facebook because of how cute it dressed in delivery clothes. The post garnered over 500 likes and 2K shares.

Credit: SG Blackmarket

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO), a lot of people don’t really go out in order to break the COVID-19 chain. Most people would order online for things and buy the delivery for food. This Pomeranian owner decided that the cute pooch could give some help to lighten the burden for their family and dress it up with delivery uniforms.

Credit: Giphy

The first one is the Grab Rider. The fluffy dog wears the infamous green shirt and a matching colored cap with ‘Grab’ on it. On his back, there are some bento boxes tied up. It must be hard for the pooch!

Credit: SG Blackmarket

Second, the Food Panda uniform. The Barbie pink uniform suits the puppy more than anything else! On its back, there’s a white box tied up for the ball of fluff to deliver.

Credit: SG Blackmarket

This yellow uniform and the cute expression make everyone forgive for any delivery mistakes that it would do. That face is so sweet!

Credit: SG Blackmarket

Not only food delivery, but this doggo also do parcel delivery. With the striking orange clothes and hat, it carries the parcel on its back, happily.

Credit: SG Blackmarket

A lot of the netizens commented on their feelings and opinion on the Facebook post.

Netizen’s responses

▼People immediately fall for this lovely Pomeranian’s charm.

▼Cuteness level is 5 stars!

▼Since we can’t go to work, we need someone to pay the bills

▼Let’s see more puppy in delivery uniforms!


It’s so cute that It makes you feel like melting down into a puddle

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