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“Should My Boyfriend Pay For My Meals Or Not?” A Debate Of Centuries For Couple

Recently, there is a debate going around on Facebook about should a boyfriend expect the girlfriend to pay for the meals. Before we give any verdict, let’s listen to the story first, shall we?

▼It starts with a girlfriend, asking an opinion about her boyfriend on Facebook

“Is it right for my boyfriend to expect me to contribute to paying for meals?”

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▼Apparently, she said that he was a stingy boyfriend.

“For almost every other date that we go on, he will suggest that we split the cost, which is something that I can’t stand, because, why does he have to be so stingy lol.”

▼According to her, Man pays for dates is considered of chivalry, even though the woman is well off.

“It’s not like I cant afford to pay, but I have told him before that it is my belief that the guy should pay for dates because of chivalry and all.”

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▼She also added that he also supports his family as well since they are not well off.

“Granted that I earn slightly more that he and I don’t have to support my parents, whereas he comes from a lower-income family and needs to give more money to his parents.”

Credit: South China Morning Post

▼Is he a problematic boyfriend or not?

“But i still find it very insincere when he asks me to contribute and pay. How can I make him understand my position, or is he a lost case?”

▼She also said that she pays according to what she eats. Furthermore in their relationship, he never bought gifts for her.

“Whenever I refuse to pay, he will tell me that it is “my suggestion to go to such an expensive restaurant” and that i “chose the more expensive dish” and all. Besides, he has never bought me any gifts like handbags or jewelry, so I feel that it is only right that he treats me.”

Credit: South China Morning Post

After this story was posted, a lot of the netizens argue about this story and commented on their opinion regarding the topic of their relationship.

Netizen’s Response

▼Some people think that she needed to leave her boyfriend as he did not provide what she wants.


▼Some netizens speak out that her words about chivalry are not relevant

Personally, what do you guys think about this situation? Which side are you with?

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