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Spend RM480 for a Hotel in Cameron Highlands And Guests Need to Clean the Room?!

Photo credit to Twitter

One of the important part of a good vacation is definitely the hotel stay. A clean and tidy hotel is the key for a getaway to remember.


Recently, a netizen shared her bad experience that she and her friends had to clean up the room and had to change the bed sheets by themselves in a hotel in Cameron Highlands on Twitter which went viral.

Original post:

In my entire life, I have never checked in a hotel and had to change the bed sheets on my own. Change the pillow cases. Clean the room. Dispose the trash left by the people who used the room before me.

Credit: Twitter

My friends and I checked-in sometime in the afternoon but had to wait until 10pm to get our room ready. When I asked the the concierge when we can enter the room, the staff said the room is not cleaned yet. Since it was getting late, we were told to enter the room first and wait for the room to be cleaned.

Credit: Twitter

The room was filled with leftovers when we entered from the people who used the room before me. The following picture is how it looked.

Credit: Twitter

We waited for the room to be cleaned until 11.30pm. I went to the lobby to lodge a complaint but when I saw there were also many people facing the same problem at the hotel reception, I decided to come back to the room.

Then, my friends and I decided to clean up the room and change the bed sheets by ourselves because it doesn’t even matter.

Credit: Twitter

We paid RM480 for a night and initially planned to stay in the hotel for two days. But, when this incident happened, we decided to leave in a day and asked for a refund. Unfortunately, turns out that the hotel does not have a refund policy. The manager of the hotel was literally hiding in the back to avoid from getting scolded by the guests.

Credit: Twitter

After seeing this post on Twitter, many netizens told that they have experienced the same problem when they stayed in the hotel.

 ▼ “I wanted to check-in last Friday, it took 3 hours only to check that I had enough time to answer my test at the reception”.

“If you want to go Cameron, don’t stay at Nova Hotel. This is the queue that we had to go through to check-in the hotel. Pity seeing the parents bringing small children and had to stand in the long queue with the rooms not ready”.

Do a small survey about the hotel before booking rooms for your vacation. If you’re unsure about the health and cleanliness practices that occur at the hotel, then it’s better to find for a better hotel!

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