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The World’s Best National Covid-19 Responses, 1st is Taiwan and 2nd is Malaysia

Photo credit to China Press

The Japanese think tank recently released a report on the response to the Covid-19
pandemic in 49 major countries around the world. Proudly, Malaysia scored second with a comprehensive score of 144.

Credit : China Press

According to China Press, In the evaluation report, Taiwan has achieved excellent result in assessment in term of ‚ÄúPandemic Damage Status” and “Economic Damage Status”, and earned 180 out of the overall score of 200 points, ranking Number One in the world.

Newsweek Japan reported that Hong Kong ranked third with 143 points, and Thailand (126 points), China and South Korea (124 points), Australia (120 points) and New Zealand (99 points) ranking from 4th to 10th). Japan (95 points), Norway (90 points).

According to the report, the United States, which has attracted much attention due to the severe pandemic, ranked 41st with 24 points, and the United Kingdom ranked 43rd with 23
points. Peru’s overall score was only 10 points, becoming the bottom list of country in
the world.

Credit : The aseanreports

The report mentioned that Southeast Asian countries are the best in the rankings because these countries have paid attention to the development of “unidentified cases” early and implemented immigration control early, which has exerted the greatest effect.

The report pointed out that the emphasis on the trend of epidemic damage and
economic damage is still related to how flexible a country to react to the situation. However, because the epidemic is on going, the outcome situation of these countries may change.

Info via China Press