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This Indonesian Dish Went Viral Because How Spicy It Is!

Photo credit to Facebook

As an Asian, chili, and spices are very synonymous with our cooking and what makes our cooking special. So for adventurous and spicy lovers, we have something for you! Recently, this Indonesian cuisine went viral for how fiery taste it is. Behold, it is Tauhu Gejrot!


Look tame and as if healthy right? But, don’t be fooled. This is extremely spicy. But, what makes it so spicy? Well, for your information, it has over 100 bird’s eye chilies ground by pestle and mortar.

The crushed chilies and onions are later mixed with their special sauce.

The full result is served in a drinking cup with bamboo skewers stick and a spoon.

Inside also contain some fried tofu but you can barely see it with all the crushed chillies.

This cuisine came from West Java, so you might need to fly in order to get a taste of it. You can gobble it down with a spoon or drink it as a drink. But beware, this is just pure chili! Definitely spicy lovers daydream.

All the netizens went wild and commented about this hot dish!

Netizens’ Responses

▼For the spice lovers, they would love this!

▼This would probably help a but it will be a bit painful.

▼Probably a nightmare dish for people who have stomach and intestine problems.

▼People just want to make sure she is fine after those bites.

▼This will be prankster’s new idea



Are you adventurous enough?

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