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Top 12 Adorable Animals That Is Dangerous To Human

Photo credit to Earth | Trouvailles

Let’s be honest, we love cute animals. We would probably feel the need to protect them from everything else bad in the world. But, do you know some of these animals are actually very dangerous and could harm us? Well, let’s see the top 12 cute animals that actually could kill you!


Swimming next to dolphin would be wonderful, does it? This animal has a reputation for being nice and caring for people. However, there are also evidences that they killed their own offsprings and attack others without any reason. They also a case of a dolphin named TiĆ£o who killed a human and hurt many more after being harassed. Who knows they might attack humans for fun after this?

Credit: AGU


First of all, who hates them? They are just too cute! However, this herbivore is actually can be deadly. If they feel threatened, their bites can be very fatal. So, bear in mind, do not try to make them feel threatened.

Credit: WWF


Such an elegant creature, aren’t they? Don’t be fooled, my friend. This animal is not gentle at any means. Known to be quite territorial, the swan will not hesitate to attack you if they feel threatened. If you are being attacked, you might come out with more than bruises.

Credit: What When How


This adorable animal usually doesn’t harm people as they are a very adaptable animal. They also might not attack you but they have a high chance to damage your property and attack your pet. Raccoons also can cause diseases such as rabies and mites to something rare like tularemia. This cutie pie is a scary one!

Credit: National Geography

8.Tasmanian Devil

Much like the cartoon character, this animal also has a reputation to be very scary when they are threatened. Teeth-baring, lunging, and chilling guttural growls, it is such a scary sight. Their bites are also very powerful despite their sizes. If you spot one of these ‘Devils’, I would suggest you get away as fast as you can.

Credit: UTAS

7.Duck-Billed Platypus

Despite being very famous as a pet in the cartoon “Phineas and Ferb”, this shy mammal is also venomous. Apparently, the males have sharp stingers on the heels of their rear feet. It can be used to deliver a strong toxic blow to any opponent. The good news is you won’t die from their venom but the bad news is you will have extreme pain that could last for weeks.

Credit: Britannica

6.Polar Bear

This large and beautiful animal is also popularly known as Ice Bear in the “We Bare Bare” series. The polar bear has a dense, water-resistant, white coat and a thick layer of body fat also their diet consists of seals. If they are being threatened, they will attack you brutally. Scary but cool~

Credit: Polar Bear International


Elephants can be really friendly but also can be really nasty. They are very easy to be agitated when provoked and their attack will be very severe to deadly. They can trample and even crush you with their humongous body. If you spot one, make sure to be careful.

Credit: CGTN

4.Leopard Seal

The seal is known as a sea doggo but this Leopard seal really resembled its name as it is a ferocious predator. They are very dangerous animals to study as they attack a lot of researchers. Their diet also consisted of penguins, sea birds, small seals, fishes, and krill. This doggo definitely not friendly.

Credit: Pinterest

3.Slow Loris

This sweet little creature is known to be the only living poisonous primate on Earth. They have glands on the sides of their elbows that release a foul-smelling toxic fluid when they feel threatened. They mix the fluid with their saliva and bite as an attack. When you are bitten, you would probably have allergic reactions or worse, even anaphylactic shock. Cutie but vicious~

Credit: The Cut

2.Poison Dart Frog

This cute frog has some very vibrant and beautiful colors on their body. The colors serve as a warning to their predators that they are poisonous. The level of this frog’s poison varies on different species of poison dart frog. But, the deadliest one is the golden poison dart frog. Their poison can kill up 10 adult men. So, please refrain from touching it if you see one.

Credit: NPR


Live up to his name this fish, puffed up like a balloon when it felt threatened. They also have the most dangerous toxin called tetrodotoxin which is 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. This fish also famous as an expensive delicacy in Japan called Fugu that only can be prepared by trained, licensed chefs. Are you brave enough to try?

Credit: Science News

So, the lesson is don’t judge them by their appeareance~