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Tun Dr. Mahathir Posted Photographs Of Memories For Proton Saga’s 35th Anniversary

Photo credit to Twitter

As we all know, Proton is Malaysia’s first brand for automobiles and also known as the national badged car company. Now, not only Proton but Perodua also Malaysia’s car brand. Growing up, our family would use Proton’s car, at least once in a lifetime. As a Malaysian, we are proud that our country could produce great cars and become a home for not only one but two car brands.

Credit: Cili Sos

On 9 July, our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad tweeted wishes of Proton Saga 35th Anniversary and also posted few pictures of him, posing next to the car. The tweet garnered over 6747 Retweets and 17K likes from the netizens.

Credit: Twitter

A lot of the netizens commented on their memories of Proton Saga and shares some memories that they have regarding the car.

Netizens’ responses

▼During the launching of Proton Saga’s 35 years ago, they released a special letter and stamps that have the Proton Saga on it!

▼People agreed that Proton Saga is Malaysia’s greatest achievement 35 years ago despite all the challenges during that time!

▼A lot of the netizen wishes the anniversary of Proton Saga and some of them even show their sweet memories with Proton Saga’s pictures.

▼Apparently, there will be a new Proton Saga edition to be launch on their 35th anniversary!

▼Not only that, but people also tweeted their memories of their parents, owning Proton Saga when they were young.

▼Moreover, some of them still have a Proton Saga which can still be used!

▼Furthermore, the netizens share memories over how Proton Saga has such a huge impact on their lives and memories.

Memories with a car that you grew up with are very precious~ Happy 35th anniversary Proton Saga!

Info Via Twitter