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Video of 2 Girls Thrashing Hotel Room Before Check Out Went Viral!

Photo Credit to Youtube

What is going wrong with them?!

A video of 2 young girls trashing the hotel room before they check out have been widely shared on Facebook lately.

In the video, the 2 girls who are believed to be foreigner can be seen trying their very best trashed and vandalised the hotel room they stayed. Their luggage were packed, thus, they are believed to check out from the hotel soon.

One of the girl was recording the video, while another one was busy smashing crackers and chips to throw underneath the bed and mattress, throwing the unfinished food on the floor, beer can also can be seen all over the place. In short, it’s “Super” messy!

But this 2 girls can be heard giggling throughout the video. They seems like very proud and enjoying what they were doing.

However, we are not sure when is this happened and whether it’s in Malaysia.

Most of netizens criticised them on their irresponsible and uncivilised act, some even sympathy the hotel’s house keeping personnel that are going to clean up the mess.

Check out the video: