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Cancer Survivor Lady Selling Nasi Lemak for RM1 by the Roadside for Income!

Photo Credit to Twitter

We seldom see small vendors selling food by the roadside in order to earn some income and survive for them and their family. We don’t always stop to buy from them as we have our very own things to do.

Credit: The Straits Times

Recently, a netizen posted a tweet about a cancer survivor who sells nasi lemak for only RM1 per pack went viral with more than 14K retweets and 13K likes.

In his tweet, he said every morning he used to see this aunty selling nasi lemak by the roadside. Somehow, on that day, he u-turned his car and stopped to get nasi lemak from the lady. When he asked how much per pack nasi lemak, she said RM1. The netizen bought 10 packs of nasi lemak to gave to all his staffs. After talking for sometime with the lady, netizen got to know that she is a cancer survivor. Her life has been really hard since PKP started.

Credit: Twitter

While chatting with the aunty, the aunty asked for a help from the netizen to find a work for her. Coincidentally, one of his friend was finding a worker to help to peel onions. So he contacted his friend and got a work for the aunty.

The aunty was very grateful for the netizen’s help and she said, “thank you very much, both of you came like a God to help me”.

He also replied to the netizens’ comments saying that the aunty is selling nasi lemak at Taman Sentosa Klang.

Credit: Twitter

The netizen added, sometimes people do not want money from you but they want to work so that their income is guaranteed. You don’t have to always offer money to help someone. You can help someone in any way as long as you’re sincere in helping them.

Credit: Twitter

The netizen’s friend who offered work for the aunty also mentioned that, she just collected the second batch of onions. The aunty is very diligent and her work is so tidy.

Credit: Twitter

She also added saying that the aunty is confirmed a cancer patient and she did not complain eventhough she has her own deficiency.

Credit: Twitter

▼ Netizens were overwhelmed with the man helping the aunty whole-heartedly. Help someone who needs help if you can no matter what their race or religion is.

▼ Sometimes, rather than buying from bigger restaurants or shops, you can get something from the small vendors by the roadside to support them. Your small act helps them to survive and feed their family.

Help people around you even it’s a small one because you never know how your small help can change someone’s life~

Info via: Twitter