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Malaysians Drew What Reminds Them of Malaysia And The Responses Were Amazing!

Photo Credit to Twitter

With the 63rd National Day that is just around the corner, let’s sit back and think of the things that reminds you of how unique Malaysia is.

Credit: The Sun Daily

Recently, a Malaysian netizen who is well-known for her doodled posted an empty sheet asking her fellow Malaysians to draw things that are so Malaysians to them that went viral with more than

Netizens played along and drew things that reminds them of Malaysia. Whether you realize or not, most of the responses ended up funny and nostalgic!

▼ Brushing teeth programme in primary schools!

▼ “Bunga telur” in weddings.

▼ The all-time favourite burger ramly!

▼ Lying to the cashier that you don’t have enough coins when you have tons of coins with you.

▼ Finding raw fish and chicken inside ice-cream containers.

▼ The robot voice you make in front of a stand fan.

▼ Candy flag.

▼Hand signs!

▼ “You can leave the class only when you finish your homework”

▼ Ice-cream Malaysia!

▼ Any kind of drink “ikat tepi”!

▼ Well, this is how you’re supposed to wear a jacket I guess?


▼ The yummy milo from the milo truck in school!

▼ The signature car of Malaysia! The one and only, Myvi!

▼”Nasi lemak!”

▼ Roti Man!!!

Looking through all of this drawings definitely brings a smile on our faces thinking of how nostalgic they are!

Draw and show us what reminds you of Malaysia!

Info via: Twitter