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Mystery Creature : 4.5-meter with ” Flippers” & “Fur” Washed Up to The Beach in UK

Photo Credit to Daily Mail

The 4.5m creature that’s been compared to mammoth and alien was spotted on a beach in Liverpool, UK on Wednesday.

People have been unable to identify the animal which has no identifiable head but is furry, has flippers and is badly decomposed and covered in flies.

Credit: Daily Mail

One man, who asked to remain anonymous, shared photos of the seabeast with the community Facebook page.

He said, “It’s very bizarre, like a mishmash of different things in one.”

‘It’s 15-feet (4.5m) long, it has flippers, it’s furry and it seems to have another creature attached, possibly via an umbilical cord, so it could have been giving birth.

Credit: Daily Mail

‘It was almost like a whale that had eaten a horse that had eaten a dolphin.’

And while plenty of people had suggestions, nobody could identify it for sure. Some people said it’s a whale or some kind. Some think it’s a cow, a horse, a walrus and even a donkey and a local woman thought it was a woolly mammoth or a crash-landed alien.

The 32-year-old, who wished to remain nameless, said the remains smelled so bad and almost made her threw out. There were lots of flies and it stank. She said the body looked quite twisted. There was no identifiable head, which was strange – possibly it was underneath.

Credit: Daily Mail

An official from Natural England had been contacted to inspect the remains, but was unable to move them alone.