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This Budget Spice Racks Will Make Your Kitchen Have A Lot More Space And Neat!

Photo credit to Facebook

For someone who loves to cook but has a small kitchen, it might make you stress to think where to store all of the spices that you used to cook. This Facebook user garnered 2K likes and 10K shares for her brilliant idea of making a spice rack with a small budget!

Credit: Facebook

With RM80.70, you can make the space for your kitchen bigger! Not only that, if you have mosaic kitchen walls, but this hack would also save your life. Things that you will need to make this DIY rack.

▶Iron wall shelves

▶Hot melt adhesive wall hook

▶Spice jar


Let’s see how to make it. It so easy you only need 3 steps only!

Step 1

You need to get hot melt adhesive wall hooks and stick on the wall where you want to hang the shelves. Don’t forget to measure the length of the shelves!

Credit: Facebook

How to use this hook? Well, you only need to use lighter or candle to melt the adhesive at the back before you stick it to the wall.

Credit: Facebook

Step 2

You can hang the shelves onto the wall hook. But, make sure to let the wall hook to stick on the wall for some time before you hang the shelves!

Credit: Facebook

Step 3

Take your spice jar or any container that you want to put your spices. You can decorate it with stickers or anything according to your creativity. After that, arrange the spice jar on the shelves.

Credit: Facebook

Complete! Look how neat all of the spice jars lined up. You have more space in your kitchen and also any bugs won’t end up in your spice jar~

Credit: Facebook

A lot of netizens commented and interested in making these shelves as a new addition in their kitchen!

Netizens’ Responses

Don’t forget to try it!

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