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This Cakes & Cafe Staff Stuns Everybody With Beautiful Cake Decorations!

Photo credit to Twitter

Cakes! If there is a celebration, there is a cake. Sometimes, if we want a speciality cake such as a car cake, you might not get what you expected. There’s a lot of story about failure cake and we definitely dying of laughter about it because sometimes customized cake can went ‘super’ wrong!

But, this staff at Secret Recipe definitely changes our mind in terms of making beautiful cake decorations. The post on Twitter of her creativity garnered over 11K retweets and 16K likes.

Credit: Twitter

This user bought a birthday cake for her little sister and the staff decided to give a magical surprise by making a unicorn decoration! Not only that, but she’s also done a lot of other decoration as well like a cat, drinking bubble tea.

Credit: Twitter

For an anniversary, this definitely a cute cake decoration for it!

Credit: Twitter

She is also doing a great job of decorating a cake with pictures of frontliners!

Credit: Twitter

It really resembles Dr. Noor Hisham! What golden hands she has~

Credit: Twitter

This definitely catches our eyes because this cake is a decoration of our queen! Look how beautiful it is~

Credit: Twitter

Can you see the resemblance? It looks so identical~

Credit: Twitter

A lot of netizens were mindblown by this and commented on their opinions on the post.

Netizens Responses

▶People are applauding about how creative the staff is!

▶I don’t think that you can eat it because of how pretty the decoration is!

▶Secret Recipe! Please pay attention~

▶So, for people who don’t know, you can request drawing but only in selected places~

▶Her bakery would be bustling with people!

It’s so pretty! Aight, I’m heading to Secret Recipe now~

Info via Twitter