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12-Year-Old Missing Girl Was Found after 13 hours Search ! She Wasn’t Anywhere But Hiding Under Her Bed

A 12-year-old girl, named Chen Xiyan from Ampang who was reported missing this morning was found after a 13 hours search! She wasn’t anywhere but home and hiding under her bed.

According to the girl’s mother, she last saw Chen waking up this morning to get ready for school. She normally will change into her school uniform and her father will send her to school.

Credit : Facebook

The parents called Chen just before leaving the house. Only they realised she was no longer at home.

Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) councillor Chua Yew Choong accompanied the girl’s mother to release the information about her missing daughter on a Facebook and the post went viral.

Credit : Oriental Daily

According to Oriental Daily, she was believed reluctant to go school because she was “bullied” in school. Her mother said, when Chen was in the school toilet cubicle someone poured a pail of water on her and she was wet throughout.

They never reported to the school because they had no idea who did it. She also been beaten by some juniors in school.

Credit : malaysiagazette

Bullying is a common factor for school refusal. If your child is experiencing something distressing, please listen when they talk about their worries, offering a moment of physical affection. While working with the school to help addressing the problems.