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137KG Japanese Man Reduce Half of His Weight. He Looks Completely Different Now!

Photo Credit to China Press

A Japanese man started his losing weight journey since May last year, he constantly updated his status in his youtube channel as well as Twitter, recording the changes of his appearance. He looks completely different after 1.5 years .. gosh!! So good looking …

Credit : China Press

According to China Press, This man known as “Ruibosu” resides in Okinawa, he used to be very big size since young. However, since May last year, he decided to make a change and create a turning point in life. And Yes! He did it..

Ruibosu looked obese with big belly and double chin, weighed 137kg. To kick start his losing weight journey, firstly he bought a yoga mat. Doing some simple exercise everyday like push-up, rope skipping and so on. The first few day was tough for him. but he never give up.

Credit : China Press

Besides regular exercise, he also control his diet by eating healthily, rice with lean meats and vegetables. After 5 months, His weight drop from 137kg to 103kg.

He didn’t just stop there and he continued with the regular exercise and controlled diet. December last year, his weight went down to 84kg and by February, he was already 77kg. He finally can fit himself into a slim-fit shirt, jeans and nice suit. He looks amazing after the full-body make over!

Credit : China Press

He recorded the lowest which is 68.5kg ( exactly half of his weight 1.5 years ago) on April 2020. He is still updating the body changes in Twitter now, even though he is 80kg now. But he is still looking good with his firm muscle.

A full body makeover is not easy. In order to stay motivated, we need to have a game plan with realistic goals, adopt a workout regimen, and have a healthy lifestyle. So, our hard work will pay off for the long term.

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