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An Actor Rant And Cleaned The Mess Left By People Who Celebrated Hungry Ghost Festival!

Photo credit to Facebook

Currently, Taoist and Buddhist communities are celebrating the Hungry Ghost Festival aka Zhongyuan Jie. This festival is a month-long festival and during this month, Taoist and Buddhist will be burning paper effigies and present food offerings to the spirits of their deceased ancestors.

Credit: Fengshuifocus

The local actor, Steve Yap took his Facebook and shared a video of him speaking out regarding people who didn’t clean up after the worship. The video garnered over 10K likes and 14K shares!


Credit: Steve Yap

In the video, the actor ranted in Cantonese and expressed his disappointment over the lack of common sense of the people who failed to clean after their prayers.

Credit: Steve Yap

The actor even helps the workers to clean up the mess that is left by people. After done, he had a little chat with the workers and asked if there are any more rubbish left by people and the workers responded with yes.

Credit: Steve Yap

This video has made a lot of people on the Internet to comment on their piece of mind on the post.

Netizen’s Responses

▼A lot of people give their respect to the actor for helping to clean the place up!


▼To clean up after the previous event is a very great value to teach to your children!

▼People who work as a cleaner will have it very hard and have to work a lot this month.

▼The environment will suffer due to people’s irresponsible act as it causes damage

▼To see more of the video, just click down below!

Guys, please clean up after you are done. It is such an irresponsible thing to leave the mess after you are done!

Info via Facebook